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Frankie Freakin’ Heck


“Pam Freakin’ Stags” was the most awkward episode of “The Middle” that I have ever seen.  Watching Frankie try to impress Pam Stags was uncomfortable.  Frankie acted worse than a high schooler, and it was weird.  For example, when Pam Stags entered Frankie’s house for the first time, Frankie had the whole family greet her.  Frankie couldn’t stand still and wouldn’t stop laughing.  She was so frantic and such a train wreck.

It was nice to see Mike and Brick bonding in “Pam Freakin’ Stags.”  They do have more in common than they realize, but unfortunately, Mike never gives Brick the time of day.  Maybe they’ll bond more in upcoming episodes.

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