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The Day We Almost Died and Completely Changed Our Attitude Towards Life


The plot structure for “The Day We Almost Died” was far different from any other episode of “Modern Family.”  It was not linear.  “The Day We Almost Died” was about the family’s dance with death in the form of a car accident and how that affected everyone.  Throughout the episode, we were brought back to the accident.  We viewed this particular event from several vantage points, allowing us to see what happened to each character in that moment.

I love how in other characters’ storylines, we could see Mitchell in the background, skating by on his roller blades.  It connected all the storylines together and was a great added detail.  Not to mention, it also added humor to each scene.

The dynamic between Phil and Cam in “The Day We Almost Died” was unlike anything we’d ever seen before.  It was hilarious to see Cam get hot and bothered over Phil.  The lines were sot on.  Some examples were “Why don’t you say we get you the right dryer, Princess?” and “Feel like doing something a little crazy with me?”  This storyline was cleverly written and directed.

Is Manny old enough to drive?  His parents practically forced him behind the wheel, but we’ve never seen him drive before.  I’m almost positive he’s not old enough.  And if that’s the case, wouldn’t Manny have freaked out about breaking the law?  That part of “The Day We Almost Died” confused me.

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