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Coming Out


Some of my favorite episodes of “New Girl” are those that explore Nick and Schmidt’s friendship.  In “Coming Out,” the duo talked about getting back together and coming up with more crazy ideas like they did in college.  I would love to see these two start a business together (or attempt to).

I love how Coach line-danced at the end of “Coming Out.”  What made it extra hilarious was how serious he looked and how good he was at it.  He hit each step and went full-out.  Everyone ended up joining in, and I must say, I was impressed that they were all in time with each other and the beat.

Cece lacked a storyline in “Coming Out.”  She was just barely in the background during the episode.  I really hope to see more substantial storylines for her in the future.

Can we all take a moment to talk about how awful Jess’ coworkers are?  I have never seen so many horrible teachers in one place; it’s frightening.  Jess and Ryan can’t be the only good teachers at that school…

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