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A Quarry Story (SPOILERS)


“A Quarry Story” is one of the best episodes of “The Middle.”  It was extremely entertaining.  And each character had equal time on screen, so their storylines were well-balanced.

I am always impressed with Neil Flynn’s portrayal of Mike Heck.  He was perfectly casted as the sports obsessed reserved father.  In “A Quarry Story,” Flynn made Mike Heck one of the most frightening fathers on television.  You won’t like him when he’s angry.  He actually shows emotion.  He yelled, his face turning bright red.

Mike had the best scene entrance in “A Quarry Story.”  It was when he arrived at the quarry after Sue’s irresponsibility resulted in high schoolers throwing a party at the quarry.  Mike entered from the sea of cars parked in front of the quarry.  We watched as Mike approached Sue.  He slowly emerged from the shadows, his face eerily expressionless.  It was frightening.  I wouldn’t want to be Sue.

In “A Quarry Story,” Frankie returned to her old job at the car dealership to receive a paycheck she never deposited.  Since Frankie had to work an actual shift, she cared even less than she normally does, which made her an even more successful car salesman.  Does this mean she will get rehired in the future?  Are the creators trying to hint at something?

Thank goodness the Hecks finally have a sink.  It was starting to really gross me out that the family was using a hose and the shower in replace of the kitchen sink.  Yuck!

Sue’s best friend, Carly had been MIA for quite some time.  I had assumed that the actress no longer had a contract with the show, but lo-and-behold, Carly reappeared in “A Quarry Story.”  Where have you been, Carly?  Not with your supposed “best friend,” that’s for sure.

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