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Lily Brings Out The Big Guns (SPOILERS)


Finally, Joe had a storyline in an episode of “Modern Family.”  The writers always seem to forget that this child exists.  Fortunately, they remembered to put him in “The Big Guns.”  In fact, the Pritchett’s storyline focused on Joe being potty trained.

My favorite storyline in “The Big Guns” was about Lily going to clown school.  First off, the writers were very clever in having Lily’s clown name be Lizbo.  Only Mitchell could really hear what it sounded like, which was hilarious.  I also loved that Lily was the mean clown.  It matched her personality well.  And like Mitchell, I got a kick out of Lily tricking and beating up Cam.  Lily is so manipulative.  At the end, she totally lied to Cam to make him feel better.  But Mitchell won’t be smiling anymore when Lily becomes a teenager.  This storyline was well written and executed.

My favorite line from “The Big Guns” was when Haley came out of her house with a bag of chips while their elderly guests were hanging out and smoking pot on the neighbor’s boat.  “Hey!  Smells like a party,” she said with a big smile on her face.  Oh, Haley.

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