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Revenge of the Flash


The mid-season finale of “The Flash” ended with Barry’s father telling Barry to stop letting fear control his life and to start living his life.  After this conversation, Barry had a change of heart.  He wasn’t going to let the Reverse Flash run his life any longer.  “Revenge of the Rogues” opened with Barry training to beat the Reverse Flash.  It’s like his whole conversation with his father went out the window, and now Barry is even more determined to defeat the Reverse Flash.  That was also emphasized in Barry’s new introduction monologue.  He is no longer the fastest man alive.

Central City has a beautiful police station.  I couldn’t help but admire the gold etching on the wall of the main foyer.  It is an image of Greek gods with the words “Truth,” “Liberty,” and “Justice.”  It’s powerful and an impressive added detail to the set.

“Revenge of the Rogues” had a great score.  A scene in which it stood out was when Cisco demonstrated the cold gun shields to the police department.  The music was epic and upbeat.  The horns had the melody.  It was the perfect musical backdrop for a super hero TV show.

One comment on “Revenge of the Flash

  1. Nisheljeet Singh Khalsa
    February 5, 2015

    yeah mann!! seriously.. i got caught with the gold etching as well.. it’s just simply something !!

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