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Hello Again! (SPOILERS)


The thrilling drama and best new show of 2014 is back!

A lot happened in “Hello Raskolnikov!”  Sam became the number one suspect in Lila’s murder, and Rebecca’s charges were dropped.  I had expected these two scenarios to be the focus of the rest of this season, but they obviously won’t be since they’re practically resolved.  It just seemed like everything happened so quickly and easily.  I have no idea what to expect going into the rest of this season.  This show continues to be completely unpredictable, and I’m very excited for what’s to come.

Viola Davis is an incredible actress.  In “Hello Raskolnikov,” we saw Annalise’s original reaction to seeing Sam’s body.  She was extremely upset.  She cried as snot dripped from her nose.  I liked seeing Annalise like this because it made her more relatable.  Davis’ performance was flawless.  She illustrated that Annalise is not completely cold and heartless.  Annalise did love Sam and will miss him, but she thinks it’s for the better.

When we first saw Wes, Laurel, Conner, and Michaela in “Hello Raskolnikov,” they were outside Annalise’s house discussing their concerns about their current situation.  Surprisingly, they were talking very loudly and openly.  Cops were walking past them the whole time.  There was no way that the students’ conversation was not overheard.  I would have expected the students be more confidential about everything.  They’re smart enough not to talk about the man they murdered around the cops who are looking for him.  This was a poor choice made by the director, Michael Offer.  He should have changed the characters’ blocking, so that the scene made more sense.

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