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How to Get Away with Murder: A Christmas Carol (SPOILERS)


In “Best Christmas Ever,” we were shown flashbacks to the characters’ Christmas vacations.  This allowed us to step deeper into the characters’ lives and learn more about their families and backgrounds.  I also noticed that Bonnie and Asher were excluded from this.  And they happen to be the only two that don’t know the truth about Sam’s murder.  Interesting…

I’m glad that the writers are following up on Rudy, the guy who lived in Wes’ apartment prior to him.  Earlier this season, Rebecca mentioned that law school really stressed out Rudy, and there is physical evidence of this as the scratches on the bedroom wall.  There is a lot of mystery surrounding Rudy, and I’m curious to see where it goes.  What else could be going on?

We’ve now learned that Frank does all of Annalise’s illegal dirty work.  Frank has already started creating diversions to get the cops off their tracks.  Earlier in the episode, Hannah mentioned that there might have been a sighting of Sam in upstate New York.  We later found out that this was all Annalise’s concocting.  It seems like Annalise is not new to this.  At the end of “Best Christmas Ever,” Frank and Annalise spoke about Hannah.  “You want me to handle it, just say the word,” Frank said.  How often have Annalise and Frank been doing things like this?  And what does he mean by “handle it?”  Hmm…

“Best Christmas Ever” had an awesome cliffhanger ending.  The writers (Peter Nowalk, Tracy A. Bellomo, and Warren Hsu Leonard) know how to write an ending.  Sam’s remains have been found.  Now, the real panic begins.  dun dun DUN!

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