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The Guilted, Grieving Age (SPOILERS)


“The Guilted Age” was a rather depressing episode of “Red Band Society.”  First of all, it was centered around Leo and Kara’s guilt towards sleeping with each other.  Along with that, “The Guilted Age” ended with Hunter’s death and the news that Leo’s cancer has returned.  Things aren’t looking up, and there are only two episodes left of the series…

My favorite line in “The Guilted Age” was Kara’s response to a comment Emma had made.  Emma said, “I might actually be sick now,” referring to the fact that she’s back in the hospital and may have injured her heart.  Kara responded, “Emma, you’ve always been sick.”  This simple line spoke so much about the acceptance and understanding of mental illnesses.

Hunter’s sister’s reaction to the news about Hunter’s death was heartbreaking.  Ashley cried out.  She could barely move or support herself up.  She didn’t join her parents when they went to see Hunter.  She couldn’t bring herself to accept the news.  Jes Macallan, who plays Ashley, represented that pain beautifully.

One of my biggest issues with “Red Band Society” is that the patients’ parents never visit them.  I would expect at least one set of parents to be in every day, if not all of their parents.  Leo made a comment to Emma’s father about Emma’s recovery.  “We still need our parents,” he said, indicating that Emma needs her parents’ support and love to help her battle her disease.  I hope would that all the patients’ parents would realize this and be there for their children.

Charlie was practically MIA this episode.  I barely even remember him narrating.  I still don’t understand his importance in “Red Band Society” other than the fact that he is the narrator.  The writers made it seem like he was going to be more important by mentioning the fact that he has appeared in the characters’ subconscious while they’ve been in surgery.  But the writers have not returned to that again- not even when Hunter went in for surgery.  I guess it wasn’t as important as they made it out to be.

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