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The Sound of Fury (SPOILERS)


“The Sound and the Fury” definitely confirmed that Dr. Wells is the Reserve Flash.  We saw him with the gadget strapped to his chest.  I now feel confident in saying that Dr. Wells is indeed behind the Reverse Flash.  Now, we just have to figure out his motivation…

Villain, Pied Piper was not a meta human.  Instead of having powers, he used high-tech gloves that allowed him to create and control sound waves.  As expected, the Flash destroyed Pied Piper’s weapons, yet when this occurred, Pied Piper appeared to be injured as well, as if his health was connected to those gloves.  Once they were destroyed, he screamed as if in pain and then lost consciousness.  Why?  This confused me and was inconsistent.

There was a silly error in “The Sound and the Fury.”  About five minutes into the episode, Joe told Iris that someone had called for her earlier.  “I left the number on the fridge,” Joe said.  Literally less than a minute later, Iris came back into the room saying she got a job.  How did Iris have enough time to call that number and then accept a job over the phone?  That was a sloppy mistake made by the crew.  It was as if Iris was the Flash in that moment.

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