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Stella Saves the Day (SPOILERS)


“Rash Decisions” is a great title for this episode.  Not only was it primarily about figuring out the cause of the mysterious rash on Joe, several of the characters were impulsive.  This was a clever play on words, and it perfectly described the episode.

Hands down, my favorite line from “Rash Decisions” (and maybe even all season) was when Jay said, “Stella was eating it to save Joe!” when referring to Gloria’s face cream.  What made the line extra funny was how serious Jay was.  His eyes were wide, and his jaw dropped.  He truly believed that Stella was a hero.  I literally laughed out loud.

Another great line was when Jay entered Claire’s office at work.  Claire and Mitchell were standing in her office, and Jay asked, “How’s my little angel?”  Claire thought Jay was referring to her, while Mitchell thought Jay was referring to him.  Personally, I thought Jay was talking about Mitchell, and then it was revealed to be Stella, of course.  Stella is his little angel, the most important love of his life.  I was completely caught off guard like Claire and Mitchell.  It was hilarious.  I’ve never seen a man so in love with his little dog before.

Alex’s Princeton interview was quite a surprise.  She turned it around, acting just like Haley.  All of a sudden, I thought that Haley would be the one to get into Princeton, but then Alex went too far.  I was not expecting this to happen during the interview, and it made it extra funny.  Finally, Alex had an interesting storyline.

The storyline with Phil, Andy, and Luke was too weird.  Their relationships seemed odd and a bit extreme.  Does Phil not have any friends his age?  I didn’t find this storyline funny.

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