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Cowboys Country


In “Cowboys Country,” Adam wasn’t the only adolescent struggling with his physical appearance during puberty.  The surprise at the end was that Dana was in the same boat; though, she was frustrated for different reasons.  We constantly hear about the negatives of being a late bloomer, but a lot of the media and other TV shows fail to show that early bloomers have their own worries as well.  Not everyone wants to grow up too fast, and Dana proved that.  Everyone’s insecure about something.  No one has it easy.

In almost every episode of “The Goldbergs,” Barry and Adam usually have their own unique storylines.  They are the focus.  This rarely occurs for Erica, which makes her role a lot less important than the other two.  Since they’re siblings, they should all be equal (maybe Adam a bit more important since he is based on the creator), but Erica seems more like a supporting character.

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