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Is He the Murderer? (SPOILERS)


As I had mentioned with the previous episode, “Best Christmas Ever,” the panic has just begun.  In “She’s a Murderer,” we were able to see this panic take hold.  Connor was the first to freak out.  He got all twitchy and his eyes watered with fear.  Annalise confronted him about his worries.  Unexpectedly, Laurel was the next one to freak out.  She stood outside Annalise’s house, shaking and crying.  Lastly, Michaela panicked when the cops found a ring in the woods.  She hyperventilated.  Shout out to all three actors (Jack Falahee, Karla Souza, and Aja Naomi King) for their amazing performances.  Each one had his/her own unique reaction to this fear.  I was especially impressed by Falahee because his reaction was less caricatured.  You couldn’t quite pin it down, which is how most emotions are.

“She’s a Murderer” was a very thrilling episode of “How to Get Away with Murder.”  I was on the edge of my seat, fearing that the students and Annalise would get caught.  A prime suspenseful moment was when the cops found the scale from the trophy on the floor in Annalise’s house.  Thank goodness Bonnie protected them.  Another moment was when the cops decided to inspect the area of the floor where Sam had died.  I held my breath.  It’s not easy to hide that much blood.  One last moment was when we found out that the cops found a ring in the woods.  I thought everyone was done for.  “She’s a Murderer” kept my full attention and forced me to sympathize with the characters.

The writers were very clever in tricking us all (students included) with the ring scenario.  As soon as Rebecca entered Wes’ apartment saying, “I just talked to my friend whose brother’s a cop.  Apparently they found a ring in the woods,” I thought they were all doomed and so did they.  If the cops found Michaela’s ring, it was going to trace back to them, and they would go to prison.  It wasn’t until I actually saw the ring that I realized that the writers just played us all.

These episode endings are going to be the death of me.  “She’s a Murderer” ended with Nate being sent away in handcuffs.  Annalise framed him for the murder of Sam.  The creators took their time leading us to the reveal of whose fingerprints were stolen.  This increased the tension right to the very end.  And when it was revealed to be Nate’s fingerprints, I was shocked.  I did not expect Annalise to turn on him.  But maybe Nate’s in on it too?  One thing I have learned from the writers of “How to Get Away with Murder,” always expect the unexpected!

Connor, Michaela, Laurel, and Wes need to keep their mouths shut.  They keep talking loudly in public places about their predicament.  They especially like to do this when the cops or Hannah are around.  Why would these characters be so foolish?

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