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Diffusing the Nuclear Man (SPOILERS)


At the end of almost every episode of “The Flash,” the Flash saves the day.  The ending to “The Nuclear Man” was unexpected.  Dr. Wells’ gadget didn’t work, and Stein/Ronnie detonated.  The Flash wasn’t able to save the day, but Stein/Ronnie did sacrifice themselves and saved the rest of the city.

When Stein/Ronnie detonated, the Flash carried Caitlin away from the blast.  This scene was visually stunning.  The gigantic cloud of smoke spread outward.  The blast was on the Flash’s tail the whole time.  And while I knew they would make it, it still made me extremely nervous.  The special effects were intense.

Finally the writers have commented on the characters’ ages.  In a flashback, Stein said, “Really?  You look too young for that,” after Barry revealed that he was a forensic scientist.  A highly unrealistic aspect of “The Flash” (other than all the supernatural phenomenon) is how young and successful the characters are.  It would make way more sense if the characters were all above the age of 30.  It takes a lot of schooling and experience to have careers like those of Barry, Caitlin, and Cisco.  But of course, this is the CW, where beauty comes before age.

In “The Nuclear Man,” Barry kept showing up at Linda’s place of work.  This bothered me for several reasons.  1) How can he just walk right in?  Is there no security?  2) Does Linda ever work?  She’s always free to talk to Barry when he visits.  4) Wouldn’t Linda’s supervisors eventually kick him out.  Not only is he a distraction to Linda, but to her coworkers as well.  When Barry came in to make up with Linda, all her co-workers watched as he ate the pepper.  I know this is a TV show on the CW, so it’s not reality, but Barry should meet Linda somewhere other than at her job.  It would be less distracting.

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