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Van People Who Don’t Fill Up the Gas


“Van People” opened showing clips of Adam being a goof and wining laughs from his classmates.  But it was revealed that Adam wasn’t the class clown that he thought he was and made us believe.  It was interesting to see how Adam saw himself before showing us the truth.  He was an unreliable narrator.  This also allowed me to sympathize more with Adam when he realized that he wasn’t the class clown.

Finally, Erica had her own storyline, and Barry was the one piggybacking off of her story.  I’m glad that the writers are giving her more attention.

I didn’t understand why Erica became so upset about filling up the gas tank in her dad’s car.  Why doesn’t she just fill it up?  It makes sense to me.  She’s using up the gas in a car that doesn’t belong to her.  At least Murray let her borrow the car.  He didn’t have to.  I thought Murray’s request was reasonable, so I had a hard time sympathizing with Erica.  The writers should have written a different situation for her to be stubborn about.

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