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Like Mother, Like Daughter


Cicely Tyson (Annalise’s mother) had an amazing entrance in “Mama’s Here Now.”  It mimicked that of Annalise’s entrance in the pilot episode.  We followed behind Annalise’s mother as she entered Annalise’s house.  There was no sound except for her footsteps on the hardwood floor.  We did not see her face until she was confronted by Frank and Bonnie.

Viola Davis (Annalise) is one brave woman.  For the majority of the episode, Annalise lied in bed in her pajamas.  She didn’t wear any make-up or wigs.  This is something we never see on TV.  Davis proved that you can be vulnerable and beautiful.  And this made Annalise’s character extremely relatable.  She’s human just like the rest of us.

I was a bit confused as to why Annalise called her mother in the first place.  I completely understand that Annalise is going through a tough time and needs a nurturing figure.  But Annalise did not seem at all pleased when her mother arrived.  They constantly fought, and Annalise’s mother’s presence only made things worse (until the reveal about the fire).  I wanted to know a bit more information as to why Annalise called her mother and not someone else?  I’m sure there is a simple explanation, but we never received it.

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