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Ryan’s Gone


“Oregon” was all about Ryan not being there for Jess.  Nick tried to cheer Jess up after she found out that Ryan wasn’t coming to the wedding.  “The only thing that matters is that the guy is there for you when you need him,” he kept saying.  Whenever Jess was upset, the camera would pan to Nick and show the genuine concern on his face.  Are the creators trying to hint that Nick and Jess might get back together?

My favorite line in “Oregon” was when Winston said, “Joan, I don’t want to lie to you, so I’m not.  There’s shells all in these eggs.”  This occurred just after Jess stormed to her room crying because had reached her boiling point with the Ryan situation.  Everyone else stood awkwardly in the kitchen, not really knowing what to do.  Winston eased the tension with his line.  It ended the scene on a funny note keeping the comedy alive in this more serious episode.

You can learn a lot about a character by the contents in his/her childhood bedroom.  In “Oregon,” we visited Jess’ childhood home.  The set designers decorated her old bedroom with extreme detail.  Her room was covered in orange and pink floral wallpaper, Lilith Fair posters, and not to mention that Jordan Catalano picture.  Jess hasn’t changed.

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