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Sue’s Answer (SPOILERS)


The best scene in “The Answer” was the dinner scene when Sue’s parents found out about the proposal.  It was complete chaos.  Sue was blubbering, Mike was yelling, Frankie was trying to be the referee between them, and Brick was speaking even more nonsense than usual.  They kept interjecting and interrupting each other.  It must have been exhausting for the actors to perform, but it was hilarious to watch it all unfold.

One of the first times we’ve seen Axl being studious was in “The Answer.”  He retained what he learned from his Introduction to Psychology class and applied it to “curing” Brick.  Will Axl end up being a psych major like Sue?  That would make things interesting, especially if they end up at the same college.

“The Answer” had a very sad ending.  Both Sue and Darrin were in tears.  Even though their relationship was practically nonexistent this season, it was still sad to see them so upset.  Eden Sher (Sue) and John Gammon’s (Darrin) crying was very believable, which made the scene even more heartbreaking.

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