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Who Killed Lila? (SPOILERS)


The “How to Get Away with Murder” season finale did not disappoint.  It twisted and turned until the very last second.  For the last five minutes, the writers led us on a winding trail that alternated between Rebecca and Sam’s storylines on the night of Lila’s murder.  The creators kept us guessing until the very final moment.

When we first saw Lila getting murdered, all we saw were the black gloves around her neck.  Of course, the murderer was wearing gloves so we couldn’t identify him/her.  I kept wishing for the camera to turn around, afraid we would run out of time, and then slowly, Frank’s face came into view.  I was shocked!

The promo’s kept talking about the “final awesome minute” of the episode.  After we saw Frank’s face, I thought that was that awesome moment.  So, I was completely caught off guard when we saw Rebecca lying dead in Annalise’s basement.  The writers are so clever and deceptive!

At the start of “It’s All My Fault,” we were shown a clip of Lila gasping for breath as she was being murdered.  The clip only showed her face.  The next shot was a close up of Annalise’s face.  In the background, her students talked over one another.  It was complete chaos.  The juxtaposition of these two scenes was eerie, and made me question if Annalise was Lila’s murderer.

There was a great moment of foreshadowing in “It’s All My Fault.”  Laurel confronted Frank asking him if he was going to “take care of” Rebecca.  He replied, “Is that what you think I am, some freakin’ hitman?”  He didn’t give her a definite answer, and later, we found out that Frank is indeed a hitman (or at least it is part of his job description).

The saddest part of the finale didn’t involve any murders; it was Oliver’s test results.  He tested positive for HIV.  It was heartbreaking.  I kept thinking that between the two of them (Connor and Oliver), Connor would be the one to get the bad news, but that wasn’t the case.  Even those you don’t expect can fall victim.  HIV does not differentiate.  “How to Get Away with Murder” is one of the first TV shows to tackle HIV.  It’s long overdue, and I’m curious to see how this plotline progresses.

The mock trial for Rebecca was very interesting.  It tied that whole season together, and the students were able to test their skills.  It was like the ultimate final exam.

Michaela’s engagement with Aiden ended rather quickly.  At the start of the season, she was head-over-heels in love with him.  Yet, as soon as she found out that he had experimented with men before, she labeled him as gay, bi, or experimental.  There was no evidence that Aiden had stopped loving Michaela.  It was harsh and a bit extreme to have Michaela end the relationship for that reason.  I’m sure her and Aiden wouldn’t have lasted, but it would have made more sense if Michaela’s anxiety and worry over Sam’s murder is what ended their relationship, not Aiden’s past bedroom experiences.

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