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Spiderhunt (SPOILERS)


I’m glad that the writers are following up on Coach’s potential relationship with May.  Coach spent the entirety of “Spiderhunt” writing and rewriting his email to May.  And fortunately she agreed to go with him.

Nick and Jess’ conservation about the popcorn machine/Cece was hilarious.  I’m impressed with how long the scene lasted.  It was evident that the writers put a lot of time into writing the dialogue.  I just couldn’t believe that the characters didn’t notice that they were talking about entirely different things.

There are a lot of details that go into creating the sets for TV shows.  Most sets are adorned with decorations, items, knickknacks, that make the setting realistic.  But rarely do the characters comment on the details of their surroundings.  Schmidt and Winston noted many of the random things in their apartment, such as glass grapes, skimboards, and boxing gloves.  I’m surprised that I never noticed the glass grapes before.  Thinking back, I had always known them be on the table, but I never really thought about it or questioned it.  I wonder why the creators put all these different details into the set…

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