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The Ultimate Walk of Shame (SPOILERS)


Genzlinger is back (at least for this episode)!  He’s one of my favorite characters on “New Girl,” and I’m glad they keep bringing him back.

At the end of “Walk of Shame,” May joined Jess, Bearclaw, and Genzlinger and played the cello while they “performed” their woodland creatures musical.  This made me appreciate May a lot more.  She isn’t too sophisticated to hang out with the gang, and she might even fit in with the group.  I’m curious to see the dynamic between May and the girls (Jess and Cece).  In the future, I hope there is a girls night episode with them three.

As I’ve said before, Jess and Cece have the ultimate friendship.  Cece supports Jess no matter what.  She had Jess’ back when they trespassed the kid’s birthday party.  Jess was getting defensive towards Genzlinger even though she had no reason to be, but Cece had her back one hundred percent.  She’s a true best friend.

Just like Jess and Cece, I totally thought they had trespassed on Genzlinger’s property and crashed his kid’s party.  I was not expecting his sad story about how he is now single and works as a clown.  Poor Genzlinger!

Why did Jess and Cece trespass and crash a kid’s party for a giant bottle of water?  It seems out of character for Jess to break the law like that.  Were they really that thirsty?  Couldn’t they just wait until they got home?  It just seemed a bit too extreme.

I don’t always understand Nick.  Sometimes, he can seem so smart and attractive, such as at Jess’ dad’s wedding in “Oregon,” and at other times, Nick can be lazy, dumb, and gross, such as in “Walk of Shame” when he tapped his slipper.  He can give great relationship advice, but acts like a bum.  I can’t decide how I feel about him, and I don’t think the writers can either.

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