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Connection Lost (SPOILERS)


“Connection Lost” was a very unique episode of “Modern Family.”  It was all one shot of Claire’s Mac computer screen.  When production staff make unique decisions like this, they need to have good reasoning behind it.  But I felt that there was no true reason for filming a “Modern Family” episode this way other than the creators wanting to experiment.  I will say though, it did give us insight into how Claire thinks, especially about her children.  Also, references to crew members and past episodes were hidden in the text and images in the background.  Check out for the full detailed list.

“Connection Lost” was like an elaborate advertisement for Apple.  There were no scenes; we were just shown the screen of a Mac laptop.  We saw the use of FaceTime, email, and the internet.  I wonder if that’s why the creators made this episode… Were they being paid by Apple?

The best line of in “Connection Lost” was when Phil yelled, “Tell her I’m in the shower!”  Claire had just asked to speak to Phil, who she could see in the background playing video games.  What made the line extra funny for me was that I’ve totally seen people do this before and can easily relate.

“Connection Lost” was very predictable.  The main conflict was that Claire was unable to reach Haley after their fight the day before, and to add to that, there was suspicious evidence as to Haley’s whereabouts.  We’ve all seen the use of this type of storyline time and time again.  So, of course, we knew that Haley wasn’t pregnant or married.  It was funny, however, that of all places, Haley was at home sleeping.

Sarah Hyland’s (Haley) acting in “Connection Lost” was poor.  She didn’t come into the episode until the very end.  Haley had just woken up from a long nap when she realized that her parents had assumed she was pregnant and had eloped.  Haley’s reaction felt forced.  It was evident that Hyland was just repeating lines, and it took me out of the world of the story.

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