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Flirting with Disaster


I’ve always enjoyed Mike and Tag’s relationship.  It’s not like most father-in-law/son-in-law relationships.  Mike is the son Tag never had.  Tag frequently invites Mike out to spend one-on-one time with him.  While Tag always seems to get into trouble, it is evident that Mike enjoys their time together, even if he says otherwise.  I love episodes where we explore their unique dynamic.

I was not expecting the sentimental ending to “Flirting with Disaster.”  As Sue drove Brick home from the Planet Nowhere convention, he revealed to her how much he is going to miss her once she leaves for college.  I was impressed with Atticus Shaffer’s (Brick) performance.  He portrayed a teary-eyed Brick that even made me sad.  His actions were subtle, yet conveyed a lot of meaning.  This illustrated how much Shaffer has grown as an actor since starting the show.

Frankie was a bit of a creep in “Flirting with Disaster.”  She spent the majority of the episode flirting with Axl’s handsome and amiable friend, Finn.  It’s one thing to be attracted to your son’s friend.  It’s another thing to fangirl about your shared interests.  It was a bit over-the-top how obsessed Frankie became.  She was definitely flirting with disaster.  I’m with Axl: 1) gross and 2) barf!

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