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Happy Smother, Happy Life


The best part of “Happy Mom, Happy Life” was the JTP.  I love the JTP.  They are so weird and obnoxious, but hilarious to watch.  I want to see more of them in future episodes.

It came as no surprise that all of the members of the JTP (minus Barry) fell for Erica.  I saw it coming as soon as Erica decided to join the JTP.  But creator, Adam F. Goldberg made this predictable situation entertaining by having each member of the JTP fall in love after their hands accidentally touch Erica’s.  Each time, “Alone” by Heart played in the background (which was the perfect choice since this all started when Erica got jealous of Barry’s Heart concert tickets).  I loved the ending when the JTP all tried to pull a “Say Anything” moment at the same time.

In each episode of “The Goldbergs,” we’ve heard narrator Adam use the word “smother” instead of mother.  Adam F. Goldberg has invented a new word to add to our vocabulary, the noun “smother.”  It mean a mother who suffocates her kids with love.  Why did it take so long for someone to think of something so clever?

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