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Out of Time: The Episode Where Everything Happened and then Nothing Happened (SPOILERS)


“Out of Time” was like a season finale.

It was the episode where everything happened.  The police captain became paralyzed.  Cisco found out that Dr. Wells tampered with force field.  Dr. Wells’ admitted that he did kill Barry’s mother, but he meant to kill Barry.  Dr. Wells killed Cisco.  Joe was captured.  Central City was about to fall victim to a tsunami.  And Iris admitted to Barry that she had feelings for him, and they kissed.

“Out of Time” was also the episode where nothing happened.  All of those things mentioned previously didn’t actually happen because Barry went back in time to when the coroner was killed which was before everything happened.

Even though nothing happened in the end, we learned a lot of things that the characters won’t know.  Iris likes Barry.  Dr. Wells killed Barry’s mother and altered the force field.  Will Barry remember what happened just like we will?

“Out of Time” was unpredictable.  I did not expect all those things to happen, and once they did, it was even more unexpected when Barry went back in time.

I wish the concept of time travel came up earlier in the series.  It’s so exciting and interesting.  And there’s so much the writers can play with.

A great line in “Out of Time” was when Joe said to Barry, “You’re asking your adopted father for advice about being in love with his daughter who just so happens to be dating his partner.  Things have gone way past complicated.”  I’ve been thinking the same time.  This whole Iris/Barry thing is a bit too complicated for my liking.

The line when Dr. Wells told Cisco he was like a son to him was very awkward and super clichéd.  I never felt like they had a relationship like that, so it didn’t make sense to me.  The writers must have just put the line in to make Cisco’s death more dramatic, but it was out of character.  As we’ve seen all season, Cisco isn’t like a son to Dr. Wells, he’s like a friend and co-worker.

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