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It’s About Time! (SPOILERS)


In “Rogue Time,” we saw the rogue, Snart again, hence the title.  Each time the rogues have made an appearance, they’ve added a new rogue to the team.  In this episode, it was Snart’s sister.

Each episode involving the rogues mentions them in the title.  Now that it’s the third episode with the rogues, the titles are starting to get repetitive and less creative. “Rogue Time” is a lame title.  I hope the writers change it up for the fourth rogue episode (because there will probably be a fourth one).

We learned more about Cisco’s background in “Rogue Time.”  We met his brother, Dante and learned about his family dynamics.  Dante is the favorite in the family, babied by his parents.  But Cisco is the most successful of the two.  He followed his dreams and left the nest.  Both brothers are jealous of the other.  This is the most we’ve ever learned of Cisco.

The writers raised the stakes in “Rogue Time.”  Cisco was kidnapped and his brother was tortured.  “The Flash” is starting to get dark.

Finally, Caitlin has stepped up to the plate and come up with an excuse as to why Barry has been spending so much time at S.T.A.R. Labs.  It would have made more sense if they told this excuse to Iris back in episode one, but it’s better late than never.

Goodness!  It took long enough for Barry to grow suspicious of Dr. Wells.  Barry was so positive that Dr. Wells was innocent, he wouldn’t listen to his friends, including Joe.  But once Barry found out that Mason Bridge was missing, he completely changed his mind.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t believable.  He changed his mind too quickly.  I would have expected more of a gradual realization considering that Barry was unwavering.

Once again, Dr. Wells said the clichéd line about Cisco being like a son to him.  And Dr. Wells made sure to say this in the same room as before, the room with the force field.  Why did Dr. Wells bring Cisco to that same room?  Does Dr. Wells know what happened in the other time dimension?  Did he say the same line in the same room to cause some type of deja vu so Cisco could remember?  And why would he want Cisco to remember?  I’m probably overthinking this scene, but something about it made me suspicious.

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