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The Lost Boy and the Guilty Teens


It was very interesting to see how differently people treated the issue of missing children at sporting events back in the 80s.  The security guard wouldn’t take Murray seriously when he said that he lost Adam.  The guard thought he was just trying to sneak into the press box.  When Adam went up to another guard and told him he was lost, the guard directed him to a line of lost children.  They weren’t supervised and most of them looked like they had been there for a while.  People treat the issue of missing children at sporting events much more seriously today.  If “The Goldbergs” took place in 2015, those security guards would have reunited Adam and Murray as soon as possible.  It is interesting to see how times have changed.

I thought it was funny that the tailgaters were one big unit, connected by their walkie-talkies.  It was such a realistic representation and funny observation.  Unfortunately, the tailgaters were only part of one scene.  I wish the writers expanded their storyline.  It would have been entertaining to see Murray interact with the tailgaters more, especially since they were one of the only groups of people trying to help Murray find his son.  As soon as the scene was over, it was like it never happened and Murray forgot about them.  Imagine if Murray had become part of the group.  Now, that would have been entertaining…

I found it hard to believe that Erica and Barry gave in so easily to Bev’s guilt tripping.  How did they not catch on to what she was doing?  Maybe Barry would have been fooled, but I wouldn’t expect Erica to be.  She’s way smarter than that.

I thought it was odd that Erica and Barry were going to go to the movies together without any friends.  Most teenage siblings wouldn’t like being seen in public like that.  It was out of character.  Erica is usually embarrassed to be seen with Barry.

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