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Where is Joe?


Where is Joe?  That’s what I wonder in almost every episode of “Modern Family.”  In “Spring Break,” Cam commented on that.  Gloria mentioned that she had to stop watching her soap operas, and Cam said, “Oh, it’s because you’ve been neglecting Joe?”  Immediately, Gloria said no.  But a few lines later, she began to wondering where Joe was.  “Where did he go anyways?” she asked while looking around.  At least the creators, Steven Levitan and Christopher Lloyd are aware at that Joe is always MIA.

“Spring Break” was a very predictable episode.  I knew that Mitchell was going to be wrong about Lily.  For one thing, Lily and Mitchell have very different personalities.  Also, we were completely set up for the reveal.  I have seen this type of storyline time and time again.  The same goes for Cam’s storyline about his faculty talent show.  “Spring Break” was not a very original episode of “Modern Family.”

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