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Kimmy Goes to School and Titus Makes a Catchy Music Video! (SPOILERS)


“Kimmy Goes to School!” was filled with some great lines.  One example was when Titus said, “This idea came to me in a dream last afternoon.”  It added to his character.  Another line was when Kimmy said, “You touched a boy and made him a man,” to Mr. Lefkovitz.  I was already suspicious of Mike Stampone’s comment in the yearbook, so that line became a very dark joke.

Titus’ song, “Pinot Noir” is so horrible, but so catchy.  That will definitely be stuck in my head for days.

Dylan Gelula (Xanthippe) had a poor performance in “Kimmy Goes to School!”  She acted a bit too snobby.  Her voice and annunciation sounded like a stereotypical teenager.  She became a caricature.  Also, Xanthippe gave in too easily when Titus and Lillian threatened to tell her father about the party.  And it wasn’t believable; I thought Xanthippe was tougher than that.  At the end of “Kimmy Goes to School!” we watched Xanthippe refuse a drink from her friends.  This made the episode feel like a lesson to teenagers.  It was heavy-handed.

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