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Mama Schmidt (SPOILERS)


Nora Dunn was perfectly casted as Schmidt’s mother.  She had the perfect balance of confidence, compassion, and control.  She was an ultimate smother.  Dunn stole every scene that she was in and had great chemistry with the entire cast.  I hope we see more of her in the future.

The writers (Elizabeth Meriwether, Matt Fusfeld, and Alex Cuthbertson) were clever in having Cece “accidentally” meet Schmidt’s mom.  Neither of them (Cece or Schmidt’s mom) realized who the other was.  I’ll admit though, it took me off guard at first because I had assumed that Schmidt’s mother had met the whole gang.  During her conversation with Cece, Schmidt’s mother mentioned that Schmidt needs to marry a Jewish girl.  Could this be some foreshadowing?  This will be an interesting conflict in the future.

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