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Love the Way You Lie (SPOILERS)


I was definitely not expecting Lori to be the egg donor.  I knew something was up, but that was off my radar.  Just like Carter and Taylor, I questioned why it took so long for Elizabeth to reveal this important information.

After we found out the egg donor news about Carter and Taylor, did anyone else wonder about Grant?  I’m assuming he was a result of an egg donor as well.  I’m also assuming that it wasn’t Lori because she would have mentioned something.  Even so, I’m curious!

Remember when Taylor and Max broke up?  Well, that was a complete waste.  In “Love the Way You Lie,” they immediately got back together.  Why did the writers have Taylor and Max break up in the first place?

So, Max is living with the Wilson family again.  The writers just keep coming up with excuses to keep him around.  It’s awkward.  They should just make it so that Max permanently lives there.  His family life should be less ambiguous.  His mother seems neglectful, but when we met her, she was sweet.  It’s confusing.  Wouldn’t she want her son to be at home with her?  They whole dynamic would make a lot more sense if Max had a more complicated home life.

I have no idea where the show is going to head from here.  Carter is back, and Lori is in prison.  All we know is that there’s more to discover about David…

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