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The Weight of This Combination (SPOILERS)


“The Weight of This Combination” opened up with a dream sequence of Helena’s creation.  The seestras and brother seestra were having a baby shower for Helena.  Each character was an exaggerated projection of how Helena viewed them.  Cosima was extra eccentric in her Ukrainian dress.  Felix was well-groomed with a tucked in shirt.  Alison was reserved and made a perfect array of cupcakes.  Sarah was super badass wearing all leather and sunglasses.  And Kira was angelic.  The combination of exceptional acting and creative wardrobe choices helped make Helena’s fantasy come to life.

Tatiana Maslany (Sarah, Alison, Cosima, Helena, Rachel, etc.) is a beast.  She is the best actress I have ever seen.  In clone fashion, she played certain clones pretending to be other clones, and like usual, Maslany absolutely nailed it.  In “The Weight of This Combination,” she played Sarah pretending to be Rachel and Alison pretending to be Sarah.  While the characters all look the same, Maslany made them identifiable by their mannerisms.  That is not easy to do.

The saddest part of “The Weight of This Combination” was watching Mrs. S tell Sarah that she betrayed Helena.  Mrs. S was already inured by one of the male clones, so I was extra sympathetic towards her when the waterworks started.  Maria Doyle Kennedy’s acting allowed me to forgive Mrs. S.  Another heartbreaking part of the episode was Cosima and Delphine’s break up.  Watching Delphine cry, I realized that each clone cries differently.  Cosima’s sorrow is shown in her eyes, and she tries to hide her emotions.  Once again, Maslany is brilliant.  The breakup scene was simple, yet emotional.

I am still a bit overwhelmed with everything that’s going on in “Orphan Black.”  There are so many characters and different storylines.  We’re constantly being handed new information and questions.  There are so many different directions this show can go in.

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