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Par 5


I thought it was very interesting that “Par 5” had a strong focus on current events.  One of the main storylines involved the current protests regarding racial equality in our justice system.  The relevance of this topic increased the importance of the episode.  This is a discussion that needs to take place no matter what your views are, and I thought it was a great idea to incorporate it into a friendly comedy.  The creative team also treated the controversial topic with respect, illustrating how it is influencing the characters lives without exaggerating any aspects of it or taking sides.  It was honest and interesting.

Nick was barely in “Par 5.”  I will admit, I kind of missed his lazy butt, but there definitely needs to be more episodes focused on Nick’s talents.  As we’ve seen, Nick is a smart guy (he did pass the Bar), and he is a loyal friend.

Fawn was more likable this episode.  Most of her lines were hilarious.  She might be starting to grow on me…

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