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Knock ‘Em Down (SPOILERS)


Just like Phil and Claire, I hated their next-door neighbors.  I thought Ronnie, Amber, and their children were crazy.  Yet, similar to the Dunphy parents, I was shocked to find out how wealthy and successful Ronnie and Amber’s family actually is.  Now, I’m starting to like them.  It is always entertaining to see the Dunphys interact with Ronnie and Amber.  I hope we have more episodes exploring their dynamic.

In “Knock ‘Em Down,” Jay subbed in on Cam’s team in an all-gay bowling league.  I was a bit confused as to why Jay would blow his cover and reveal that he’s actually straight.  All night, he kept up the act pretending to be gay so that Cam’s team would win, which they did.  But right after that, Jay revealed his secret to Martin, which resulted in his team’s disqualification.  Jay should have known that would happen, so why would he give up the act after trying so hard all night.  It just didn’t make sense to me.

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