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Schmidt Saves the Day (SPOILERS)


Ignore what I said in my last “New Girl” post, I dislike Fawn.  She’s selfish, narcissistic, and vain.  Schmidt deserves so much better.

I gained a lot of respect for Schmidt in “Panty Gate.”  He’s a stand-up guy.  Even though Fawn took advantage of him, he was still respectful to her.  He made a scene when he left the lingerie store because he wanted her to feel good.  He was the better person even though she treated him horribly.

I love how Jess was in the classroom during Coach’s breakdown about May.  We didn’t see Jess until the end of the scene, and I definitely wasn’t expecting to see her.  She just happened to be sitting in on the class that day.  It added some light heart humor to the scene.

At the end of “Panty Gate,” we saw all four roommates hanging out together.  They were just watching TV and eating pizza.  We haven’t seen just this dynamic in a while.  The characters have been so busy elsewhere and with other people.  I missed the simplicity of their daily interactions.

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