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Shut Up and Act (SPOILERS)


David’s secret was not as bad as I thought it was going to be.  The promos built it up to be much worse.  I thought David might have had something to do with Carter’s kidnapping.  Instead, we found out that he had a one-time affair with Lori and that was it.  This was far less severe than what I had predicted.  I liked the fact that it was unexpected.

There were two moments in “Shut Up and Drive” when the music crescendoed to add tension.  The two such incidents were when Carter was confiding in Max about wanting to watch Lori’s testimony and when Elizabeth saw David after hearing Lori’s testimony.  Unfortunately, these moments went a bit too far, and the music distracted me from the actual story.  It made the scenes clichéd.

Alexis Denisof’s (David) acting in “Shut Up and Drive” was painful to watch.  He barely showed any emotion.  I could tell that he was reciting lines.

Anna Jacoby-Heron’s (Taylor) acting was bad too.  It made me dislike Taylor.  I understand that Taylor is going through a hard time, but must she be so grumpy and whiny.  She was practically shouting in some scenes.  It was over the top, and made Taylor like a caricature.  It was difficult for me to sympathize with her.

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