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Clean Break (SPOILERS)


My favorite scene in “Clean Break” was when Coach and Winston got nostalgic.  They discuss Coach leaving, which eventually left them both in tears.  It was hilarious.  My favorite line from the episode was during this scene.  Coach said, “I’m taking this remote because you always hit the info button by mistake,” and Winston responded, “It’s not by mistake, Coach.  I like to know more about the cast and crew.”  For some reason, I found that line to be really funny, especially because at this point, they were about to break down and cry.  In the same scene, the glass grapes were mentioned again.  They’re just so random.  Unfortunately, they’re going to be leaving us with Coach.

Well, that happened fast!  Cece and Schmidt are officially back together and engaged!  We all saw it coming, but I did not expect it to happen that quickly.  In fact, I thought the proposal was a bit of a disappointment.  It was spontaneous, but almost too spontaneous.  It was too rushed, especially with how big of a build up we had leading up to it.  It just wasn’t as satisfying as I’d hope it would be.

Overall, “Clean Break” was a great season finale filled with bittersweet goodbyes, new beginnings, and mysterious cliffhangers.  Nick and Jess may be at it again.  It’s all “will they or won’t they” heading into season 5.  Cece and Schmidt are finally together.  We have a wedding to look forward to in season 5.  Coach is gone.  I hope he makes some guest appearances next season.  I am happy with how the season ended, and am excited for the future.

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