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Kimmy Joins Another Cult! (SPOILERS)


We finally got to see the Reverend.  And surprise!  He’s played by Jon Hamm!  Hamm was perfectly cast as the handsome, persuasive psychopath.

Also, Tine Fey made an appearance in “Kimmy Rides a Bike!”

I was impressed with the writing in the scene where Titus compared Tristafé and his bike class to a cult.  “You believed him,” Titus said to Kimmy.  And just like her, I thought he was talking about the Reverend.  I had the same moment of realization as Kimmy when we found out it was Tristafé that Titus was referring to.

A funny added detail in “Kimmy Rides a Bike!” was the “No food or drink” sign in the library.  The sign also said, “Masturbate responsibly.”

“Kimmy Rides a Bike!” was frustrating to watch.  It was almost too absurd how the court case was playing out.  The Reverend was winning everyone over, and the lawyers were so incompetent.

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