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Newer Elements of Our Defense (SPOILERS)


My favorite line in “Newer Elements of Our Defense” was when Alison said to Donnie, “Why are you sweatier than usual?”  It was hilarious and proved that she definitely wears the pants in the relationship.

In “Newer Elements of Our Defense,” we saw how Cosima’s breakup was affecting her.  She was being antisocial and stated that she regretted ever having met Delphine.  I related well to Cosima during those scenes.

“Newer Elements of Our Defense” reinforced my love for Helena.  She sacrificed her freedom to save another tortured soul.  She’s not as horrible as everyone makes her out to be.

I liked seeing Sarah and Mark work together.  They have an interesting dynamic.  They may not like each other, but they have to rely on each other.  They share more than they want to admit.  I hope to see the brothers and sisters work together more in the future.

“Newer Elements of Our Defense” was a very gory episode of “Orphan Black.”  I had to look away several times.  Watching Sarah take the bullet out of Mark’s leg made my stomach churn.  Even worse was seeing the poor male clone who was being experimented on.  I’m not going to go into any detail, but he didn’t have his head on straight.

As much as I am enjoying the Hendrix and their new business venture, I want to see Alison interact with her sisters more.  So much is going on, and she seems to be in her own little world.  Isn’t she the least bit concerned about Helena or Cosima’s health or even Kira?

Throughout “Newer Elements of Our Defense,” the characters referred to Johanssen a lot.  It took me a while to figure out exactly who that was.  There are just so many characters in this show, it’s hard to remember all of them.  This can make the show more confusing than it needs to be.

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