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The Twist (SPOILERS)


Joe’s laugh is so natural and infectious; he laughs with his whole body (shout out to Jesse L. Martin who plays Joe).  In “The Trap,” he laughed when Cisco commented about his shirt while dreaming.  It was a quick shot, but it made me laugh.  This small detail night have been my favorite moment in the whole episode.

A great suspenseful moment in “The Trap” was when Dr. Wells called Barry when Barry and the crew just found out about Dr. Wells’ confession in Cisco’s dream.  “Where are you?” Dr. Wells asked.  The musical score picked up in speed and volume.  Dr. Wells’ face took up the variety of the shot.  He looked stern, almost angry.  In the next shot, Barry’s jaw dropped as he walked away from his friends and closer to the camera.  Just like Barry, my heart was pounding.  I thought they were going to get caught.  But then, Dr. Wells said that there was a fire and the Flash’s help was needed.  This scene was pulled off by a combination of great writing, acting, and directing.

I was stunned when Joe shot Dr. Wells, killing him.  The Reverse Flash was dead!  What was going to happen?  Well, I definitely did not expect what happened next.  It turns out that it wasn’t actually Dr. Wells, but meta-human Hannibal Bates disguised as Dr. Wells.  What a great twist!

Where do we go from here?  I have no idea what to expect, which is exciting!

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