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Scarred by Many Past Frustrations (SPOILERS)


Season 3 of Orphan Black has had some killer opening scenes, but the opening in “Scarred by Many Past Frustrations” might be my favorite so far.  The episode opened with Helena talking to the scorpion.  We then followed the scorpion as it crawled into another cell, and there we saw Sarah lying on the bed.  Immediately, I was hooked.
I loved seeing Sarah and Helena working together again (even though Helena betrayed Sarah).  I love their unique relationship.  It has developed so much and continues to.

I really liked the transition from when Paul was looking through the clone’s intimacy journals to when Art met with Rudy and Seth’s victim.  It helped me better recognize the victim and was a clever storytelling technique.

Felix finally had more of a role in this episode of “Orphan Black.”  He’s my favorite character, so I have missed him.  Unfortunately, my favorite clone, Alison, was MIA this episode.  Also, we haven’t seen Kira or Cal since they left.  I wonder how things are going for them.  I’m also curious about Rachel’s progress.  We haven’t seen her recently.

The biggest issues I’ve had with season 3 of “Orphan Black” have arisen because there are just too many characters.  We can’t keep track of all of them each episode.

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