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Don’t Cry, Grant


I’m glad there was a strong focus on Grant in “Pretty When You Cry.”  He is one of my favorite characters and offers a different perspective to the family conflicts.  He’s not directly involved in the conflicts, but always affected.  I also found it funny when he freaked out about the dishwasher.  I’ve totally done that before.

Bird is a very relatable character.  She’s a closed book, who doesn’t want to discuss her feelings even with her best friend.  Many people are like this; however, most TV show characters aren’t.  They usually reveal more to the audience because it allows us to better understand the story.  Bird is different.  Not only is she realistic, she has this mysterious quality to her that draws me to her.

In “Pretty When You Cry,” we saw Ofe conduct his illegal dealings.  Could this be some foreshadowing?  I’m worried that this is going to bite him (and possibly Taylor) in the butt.

“Pretty When You Cry” was a great episode of “Finding Carter.”  Probably my favorite so far this season.

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