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I Am Grodd!


“Grodd Lives” was obviously all about Grodd, the supernatural gorilla that Dr. Wells and Eiling once experimented on.  I was impressed with the CGI used to create Grodd, especially considering that “The Flash” is a TV show.  Grodd was well detailed, and I could believe he was a gorilla not only in the way he looked, but in the way his body moved.  Grodd was frightening.  I would argue that he is the scariest villain yet.  And fun fact: he hates bananas.

As impressive as Grodd was, his storyline seemed unnecessary.  From what I’ve heard, Grodd is a part of the original comic (I haven’t read the comics); however, I did not understand his importance in the CW’s TV show other than to be a distraction as Dr. Wells had intended.  I’m curious if Grodd will have more of a significant role in future episodes.

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