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Kimmy Goes Back to the Bunker! (SPOILERS)


I love how the guy from the theme song made an appeared in “Kimmy Goes to Court!”  He warned Titus about becoming famous from a viral video.  I also liked that the writers didn’t explicitly say that he was the theme song guy.

At Cyndee’s bachelorette party, Cyndee mentioned her penis shaped ice cream cake.  “Ice cream?!  Do you know what part of a cow that comes from?” Gretchen said offended by the fact that the ice cream came from a cow, but not offended by the shape of the cake.  That was too funny.

I thought it was very clever twist that the crank in the bunker was used to run the electricity in the Reverend’s bachelor pad.

“Kimmy Goes to Court!” ended with an awesome cliffhanger ending… What’s in the safe?  I want to know!

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