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Kimmy Makes Waffles! (SPOILERS)


My favorite part of “Kimmy Makes Waffles!” was when Cyndee spoke Spanish.  All of a sudden, Donna Maria started speaking in English.  “Oh my god, I speak Spanish,” Cyndee responded in English.  Cyndee then started having an actual conversation with Donna Maria in Spanish.  The scene kept getting more absurd.  It was hilarious.

My favorite line in “Kimmy Makes Waffles!” was one of Jacqueline’s.  When Jacqueline and Lillian arrived, Kimmy said, “What are you doing here?”  Jacqueline replied, “No, Kimmy, what am I doing here?”  Kimmy’s puzzled reaction was perfect.

As Jacqueline and Lillian drove to Durnsville, they commented on the wildlife.  “What’s with all these giant fluffy dogs?” Lillian said.  Jacqueline corrected her and said it was a buffalo.  Then, the audience saw the animal… It was a deer.

We’ve finally met Titus’ wife!!  I bet we’ll learn more about her next season.

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