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Wake Up Call (SPOILERS)


I liked the slight twist at the end of “Wake Up Call” when Carter had the SATs.  Just like Elizabeth, I thought Carter was running away with Crash, but she wasn’t.  Maybe Crash has changed after all.

In “Wake Up Call,” Ofe spoke to Taylor about his family and how they don’t have issues.  “I grew up in a totally normal home: two dads who love each other,” he said.  Here, the writers relayed that there is nothing wrong with having two parents of the same sex.  It was subtle, but an important, progressive line.

At the fair, the psychic predicted that Carter had one sister and two brothers.  Immediately, Carter was unimpressed and walked away.  But what if the psychic is actually right, and Carter has another brother?  Maybe Lori donated another egg.  I may be reading too much into this, but why else would the writers add that detail?  The psychic could have been wrong about anything else, but she was specifically “wrong” about this.

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