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The Battle (SPOILERS)


Each episode of “The Flash” begins with a character reciting a monologue relating to the theme of the episode.  “Rogue Air” was the first episode that Dr. Wells narrated.  The episode started off with tension.

The best part of “Rogue Air” was the ending fight scene with the Reverse Flash, The Flash, Arrow, and Firestorm.  It was pretty epic.  The fight was well choreographed, and the special effects were impressive.  I forgot I was watching a TV show rather than a high-budgeted motion picture.  Also, the musical score accompanying the scene was epic.  There was steady percussion, deep horns, and fast paced strings.  It was exciting.  My one complaint with this scene: the Arrow and Firestorm just happened to show up right when the Flash needed them the most.  It was a bit too perfectly timed.

In the scene when the metahumans were being transported to the airport, the metahumans interacted with one another.  This provided these characters with more dialogue, expanding their personalities and making them more developed characters.

It’s kind of ridiculous that S.T.A.R. Labs is never locked.  People just walk in as they please (which isn’t very smart considering that they’re hiding the Flash).  In the past, we’ve seen Joe, Felicity, and Iris make random appearances.  This episode, Snart did.  Shouldn’t they have some form of security?

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