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Welcome to Jurassic World (SPOILERS)


“Jurassic World” went above and beyond my expectations.

It is the first and only movie that I have seen in IMAX 3D, and it looked amazing.  It was definitely worth the extra expense.  The special effects were top-notch.  The dinosaurs looked real and moved realistically.  It was pretty epic to watch the dinosaurs team up and fight the Indominus Rex.

The set crew and animators went into great detail to make the park come to life.  There were monorails, hotels, rides, a water park, and tons of shops and restaurants.  To make the park more believable, there was a Starbucks, Pandora, Ben & Jerry’s, Brookstone, and many more recognizable stores.  The park definitely drew inspiration from both Disneyland/world and Seaworld.  The guests even had bracelets like they do in Disney World.

After the Indominus rex escaped, the Asset Containment Unit was sent in to tranquillize her.  That scene reminded me of modern-day video games such as “Call of Duty.”  The director, Colin Trevorrow, constantly cut to shots from the unit members’ perspectives, resembling video games.  On the screen in the control room, we saw the unit members’ heart rates.  These details were great ways to relate to the audience.

My favorite scene in “Jurassic World” was when Claire brought the T. rex to the fight.  The scene was set at night, so the lighting was dark.  Then Claire lit a flare which glowed red against the mostly grey background.  We saw her scared face.  As soon as the T. rex showed itself, Claire ran and the camera cut to her feet.  The only sound we heard were her heels clicking on the pavement.  The lighting and sound during this scene made it very climactic.  It was beautifully directed.  Well done, Trevorrow!

“Jurassic World” had some great unpredictable moments.  I did not expect the raptors to turn on their alpha, Owen.  I also completely forgot about the T. rex until Claire brought her to the fight.  Lastly, I loved when the sea dinosaur unexpectedly finished off the Indominus rex.

My favorite unexpected moment was not in an action scene.  It was Lowery’s attempted kiss.  Vivian told Lowery that she was going to leave on the boat with everyone else.  Lowery said that he would stay behind.  Immediately, I thought a clichéd kiss was coming.  And sure enough, Lowery leaned in to kiss Vivian, but he was surprisingly denied.  She was already seeing someone.  It was a hilarious twist, and gave us a break from all the tension.

“Jurassic World” had just the right amount of humor.  One of the funniest characters was Gray, the little boy.  He had some of the best one-liners.  And one of the funniest moments in “Jurassic World” was when he held out his hand for his brother after Claire suggested they hold hands since they didn’t have seatbelts.  His naivety lightened the film.

The musical score in “Jurassic World” was absolutely beautiful.  The themes from “Jurassic Park” were played throughout, though sometimes with a different twist.  For example, “Jurassic World” had a version of the main theme that was mostly piano, creating an eerie feel.  Along with that, composer, Michael Giacchino, mimicked John Williams style from the original film in the other songs in the score.

Throughout “Jurassic World,” the creative team paid homage to the original “Jurassic Park.”  In one scene, the boys restarted one of the original “Jurassic Park” vehicles.  For the duration of the film, Lowery wore an original “Jurassic Park” t-shirt.  And the DNA cartoon figure from the original film was still used as part of the exhibits in “Jurassic World.”  These details definitely satisfied my nostalgia.

“Jurassic World” had a similar storyline to the original.  The main characters were two kids and two adults.  The adults were love interests.  The dinosaurs escaped and several people died.  The writers used the same successful formula.

De-extinction and genetic modification were central focuses in “Jurassic World” as they were in “Jurassic Park.”  Both of these topics are actual controversies today.  This made the film relevant.

Just a side comment… I’m pretty sure that Dr. Henry Wu escaped with some of the genetically modified material.  I sense the potential for a sequel…

My biggest complaint about “Jurassic World” was the divorce storyline (or lack there of).  It was randomly brought up.  Gray was on cloud-nine ever since they set foot on the island, then randomly, he started crying as he and Zach were riding the monorail.  Gray and Zach talked about how their parents were getting a divorce.  I was thrown for a complete loop because it came out of nowhere.  The scene felt very awkward and forced.  To make matters worse, after that scene, the writers never followed up on the divorce.  It wasn’t even mentioned at the end when the boys reunited with their parents.  Why bring up a divorce in the first place if there wasn’t even a storyline for it?  It was unnecessary and a waste of time.

There were a few awkward pauses in “Jurassic World” that were one step too awkward to be funny.  One example was after Claire adjusted her blouse when Owen commented on her outfit being too fancy for running through the jungle.  He questioned her and then paused for a bit too long.  I felt like Chris Pratt (Owen) didn’t know what to do.

Overall, “Jurassic World” was amazing!  Watching “Jurassic World” reminded me why I love movies.  I hadn’t had that much fun at the movies in a while.  It was suspenseful, funny, and visually stunning.  From the moment it started, I was immediately hooked and immersed in the story.  I already want to see it again.

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