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Fast Enough? (SPOILERS)


I was on the edge of my seat for the duration of “Fast Enough.”  Just like the Flash, my heart was racing from the tension and suspense.  Will Barry run fast enough so as not to create a black hole?  Will Barry be able to save his mother?

How did Cisco and Ronnie know how to make a time machine?  Is it because Dr. Wells told them or because they are just that smart?  Either way, they have solved the impossible.  A time machine is a big deal and they acted like it was nothing special.

Caitlin and Ronnie’s wedding was awkward.  I’m still having a hard time believing they’re in love.  Neither character shows any emotion.  They lack chemistry.  I want to see their relationship develop more next season.

“Fast Enough” ended with the biggest cliffhanger ever.  A black hole was about to take over the city and the Flash ran to save the day, but we never saw if he succeeded.  When we return for season two, will time have changed?  Will everything that happened this episode or season actually have happened?  What if Eddie and Dr. Wells don’t actually die?  I have absolutely no idea what to expect heading into season two, but I want it to get here ASAP.

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