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Something to Cry About (SPOILERS)


“Something to Talk About” was a very emotional episode.

I was impressed with Anna Jacoby-Heron’s (Taylor) acting in “Something to Talk About.”  Taylor revealed to Carter that even though things seem to be going right, every day, she feels worse and worse.  She doesn’t know how to be happy.  Almost every person can think of a time when they have gone through this.  I greatly sympathized with Taylor.  She finally stopped being grumpy and opened up about her true emotions.  Jacoby-Heron’s tears were believable.

I really sympathized with Grant.  How could Elizabeth be so oblivious?  She’s flaunting her lover, Kyle, in front of her son and somehow thinks there aren’t any consequences.

I definitely wasn’t expecting the guidance counselor, Abby, to sleep with Gabe.  She seemed so adamant about the teacher/student relationship when Gabe approached her about it previously.

The scene when Taylor and Damon were sitting on the bleachers was awkward.  Bird came by asking where Abby was and Damon tried to help her, but realized that he didn’t know where Abby was either.  He hesitated and mumbled through his words.  I sense that Bird will have a love interest in the future, but this scene just seemed too forced and heavy-handed.

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